Baby Romance (Military Romance Pregnancy Romance Contemporary Military Romance): SEAL’D with a Secret Baby (Baby Romance Military Pregnancy Short Stories)

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Baby Romance

A high school crush led to a passionate night in a freeway underpass after their senior Homecoming dance.

Nick, who had been in love with Maddie since the ninth grade, was desperate to share his feelings with her afterward. Maddie, who had been in love with Nick since her sophomore year, felt the same.

But, three weeks later, Maddie disappeared.

Neither had the chance to tell the other that they loved them. Neither had the chance to say goodbye.

Nick joined the Navy Seals, following in his father’s military footsteps. Maddie had their secret baby in a hospital outside of town.

Years later, they meet again under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Their parents have married one another, leaving Maddie no choice but to tell Nick the truth about the father of her child, and leaving Nick no choice but to be a father.

They both have their daughter, but do they have each other?

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