Punishing the Hotwife: Caught: (Punished Cheating Wife, Filthy Backdoor Eating Punishment, Fisting and Squirting)

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I laid on the floor, and she immediately sat on my face. She was trying to smother me within her folds, and I flailed futilely under her as she used my face as a grinding pole. She was dripping wet, and every time I tried to take a breath through my nose, I inhaled her juices…

Charlene has been cheating from the beginning of her marriage, and her husband is sick of her coming home covered in other men’s pleasure. He’s not going to put up with it anymore. She’ll be punished to the point where she’ll never forget again.

She won’t be able to move by the time that her husband has finished with her. She’ll be spanked with crops and belts, and all of her holes will be taken roughly and without lube. She’s a cheating slut, and she’ll be treated like one.

Her husband won’t let her get off with just some pain, though. He’s going to make her feel the way that he’s felt. He’s calling a real hooker to further punish and degrade her. She’ll sit on Charlene’s face and force her to take her husband deep into her throat even if she chokes and gags.

Charlene will be covered in filth by the time the hooker is done with her, and as a finale, she’ll be fisted until she begs to be taken in her backdoor instead. Expect filthy degradation and humiliation coupled with pain and submission for the perfect punishment for a cheating wife.

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