Stolen Innocence: A Hotwife Novella

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Diana. Sexy. Beautiful. A good girl and the pastor’s daughter who’s waiting for marriage much to the frustration of her fiance Sean.

Ben. Cocky. Confident. Player. A new girl every night. He runs in the same group as Sean but they’re definitely not friends, and he’s set his sights on the sexy pastor’s daughter. He’s made it clear he’s on the prowl and will use all of his tricks to seduce her.

Sean. Loving. Caring. Ever since an argument with Ben where he made it clear Ben didn’t have a chance with Diana, an assertion that Ben took as a challenge rather than the statement of fact it was, his mind has been filled with impossible, crazy thoughts about his betrothed doing things. Naughty things. With other men.

Like Ben.

The tension is going to explode one fateful night at a church event that Ben weasels his way into. The player is on the prowl, and Sean’s not sure if he wants to stop him or cheer him on!

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