Suddenly Swingers: A Wife Swap Erotica Story

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Mark and I had no idea when we went on our date that we’d meet a wonderful couple. Finally, we had friends who weren’t just his or ours. Things went awry when Sarah and I got confused in the darkness and ended up kissing the wrong men. Things went really, really awry when we realized that we liked it! Before long we were all naked and all four of us were having our first wife swap swinger adventure!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of group sex and includes wife swap, first lesbian sex, and rough sex. Only mature readers who won’t find that offensive should read this story.

Here is a preview:

When we returned, it was almost impossible to find the seats, but eventually the men called us over and we made our way back. We got right back to making out, and Mark seemed even more aggressive. I was so happy because working on that big deal had caused him so much stressed. Sarah and Sean were kissing and petting and everything as well, and I thought about how hilarious it was that we were in the theater and not parked at some lovers point or something. It was also funny because we were being so damned quiet, as though the whole theatre was full and we didn’t want to get caught. It made it all even naughtier!

We made out all the way through the movie, and we didn’t stop when the credits rolled. By that time, I was in Mark’s lap straddling him, and I was sorry when I heard the final music going. I kept kissing him and holding him (and playfully grabbing at his crotch) while he squeezed my ass and kissed me right back. Finally the music stopped and I was kissing Mark when the lights came up.

Sarah shouted, “Oh My God! Fuck! Oh God!”

I turned to her in surprise. Her shirt was down over her shoulder and her breast was exposed. She had a look of horror on her face. Mark sat underneath her with a similar look. I tried to figure out what was… Mark sat underneath her! I whipped my head around. I was straddling Sean! He had the same dear in the headlights look that Mark had. I stared, almost paralyzed and then I realized with a sickening burst of embarrassment that my hand was still over his crotch. I yanked it back and jumped up. “Oh my god!”

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